Csíki Sör

This Transylvania brewery enters the regional market by promoting a high-quality beer recipe with Bavarian-purity. They produce a popular and award-winning lager and many beer specialities, including various new products lines such as beer distillates and snacks. The network of franchise bars and restaurants is successfully expanding in Hungary.


A prominent Central European producer of spirits and alcoholic beverages which is a market leader in Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic. ST. NICOLAUS has a wide product portfolio, including traditional and contemporary liquor brands in these categories: vodka, flavoured vodka, gin, herbal liqueurs, fruit spirits, brandy, wine, sparkling wine, and aperitifs.

Várda Drink

One of the largest producers of drinks and exclusive distillates in Hungary for over a century. Multiple-award winner at national and international competitions, and owner of protected designations of origin for several regional products.

G. Lehnert

A leading legal office (member of the MSI Global Alliance (MSI)) that provides comprehensive legal services to national and international clients.